Pre-Order "Abbeycadabra" Children's Album CD
  • Pre-Order "Abbeycadabra" Children's Album CD
  • Pre-Order "Abbeycadabra" Children's Album CD
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Pre-Order your copy now! Orders will ship in May! 10 original children's songs for you and your littles to enjoy together. 1. Play Today 2. Together Forever 3. Dancey Pants 4. Potty Party 5. Fishing Family 6. Shopping Companion 7. Comfy Cozy 8. Radical Magical 9. So Sweet 10. Made Up Words

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Teacher Bundle
  • Teacher Bundle
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Includes: 1 album, 1 songbook, 1 pencil, & 1 sticker

Get your copy of the album AND some extra fun materials to go along with it! Follow along with the songbook and learn the 6 chords that allow you to play the ENTIRE album, whoa!! Pull-out pages in the songbook allow you to make photocopies for students and/or friends who want to learn to play along with you! Also included are an "Abbeycadabra" special limited edition pencil and sticker!

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Bundle of Joy
  • Bundle of Joy


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Includes 1 album & 1 onesie Perfect gift for baby shower!

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ABOUT US:Jessie and Blake Abbey, husband and wife duo, AKA Musical Charis founded the Musical Charis Music School in Sacramento, CA in 2008. Since then, they have worked with hundreds of music-loving youth, nurturing up-and-coming songwriters and musicians through music lessons, recording sessions and opportunities to perform in real live settings. In addition to the music school, the Abbey's have released 7 original albums and toured the country several times. In 2015, they relocated to the East Coast and have started a family of their own. On their daughter's 1st birthday, October 20th, 2018, they will release their first ever Children's Album "Abbeycabra". They've teamed up with percussionist extraordinaire, Ryan Kosobucki, to bring their new album to life, and are now offering performance programs for schools, libraries and children's festivals featuring songs from "Abbeycadabra" as well as traditional children's favorites. 

The name of their band, Musical Charis literally translates to "Musical Gifts" in Greek, as it is their passion to share their gifts of music and to spread joy and love through the positive message in each song.



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Do you want the Abbeycadabra Team to perform at your school, local library, or family-friendly event?

We have a 30 or 60 minute program including performance of our original children's songs as well as traditional favorites, audience participation with instrument play, and educational instruction on basic musical concepts. 

We have programs for infants/toddlers as well as Pre-K and Elementary aged children. All of our programs are fun for the adults too!

For more info, please CONTACT:
Jessie Abbey (916) 476-1405